Last night: Chromazone

 Last night was awesome! We made great use of the spaces and I think everyone really enjoyed seeing and interacting with the art. Shoutout to my boyfriend for flying all the way from SF to help out! 

Spencer Olsen and Eric Vozzola made a mural/ sculpture in the corner of the space. Brett Bolton made the animation that was projected over their art. 

Eric also designed a poster that people could color on.

Michelle and I worked on the mirrored piece across from their piece. Michelle designed it and I turned into a digital file and fabricated it using our office’s CNC. 

Black57 worked on a mural with two men fighting and his name as the backdrop.

In our office we had our 3D printer going.  I also brought in my Google cardboard and people got to experience our “stereo panoramas” of the Hugh Taylor Home Tour.  

Later, DJs lowkeylukey and Mayneframe of the Rabbit Hole collective threw down some awesome sets. They even let me dj a bit… 😉  






Hi everyone! I’m curating an art show at my office: Chromazone [meaning, a colorful space for human interaction].

It’s going to take place Saturday April 16th. Four local artists are involved: Spencer Olsen, Eric Vozzola, Brett Bolton, Black57, and my old friend, Michelle Cardin. We’re also having Lowkeylukey and Mayneframe from  The Rabbit Hole play a set from 9-finish. The show starts at 6 PM. Food and beveridges will be served.

Really this whole thing started because my employer owns the building and wanted to promote it as a creative workspace called “SparkLV“. There are several empty units available so I figured, why not use them .

I’m really proud, excited, and genuinely happy with how eager everyone was to come together and do this. Vegas has a truly unique and bubbling art scene and I’m glad I can be a part of it.